“Discover the world of Dr. Vranjes”

Florentine heritage

From the beginning of his research, Dr. Paolo Vranjes has always had the ambition of creating unique, surprising and unpredictable olfactory journeys.
For 40 years, Dr. Vranjes Firenze has managed to capture all the elegance of Florence, its artisan tradition and the art of perfumery in a bottle. All this by proposing a multisensory approach to life, expressed in fragrances for the scenting of environments and for personal beauty.


Two names synonymous with art and experience, linked in a unique and indissoluble way: this is the timeless relationship between Dr. Vranjes and the city of Florence.
Florence is the muse, cradle of creative innovation, which characterizes the products of the Florentine company. The design of each perfume bottle, diffuser and candle is inspired by the iconic Florence Cathedral; each product is handcrafted in Tuscany.